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1930's: Elworthy gets its start in the electrical industry in the 1930's by working in the Lumber Mills and Shipyards of British Columbia. The company also establishes a motor winding and repair shop, and manages an electrical service division.

1940's-1960's: In the post-war years business flourishes, more partners are brought on, and the business expands several times into larger buildings. The estimating and drafting departments are expanded, and we add an in-house engineering division to the company's roster of services. Elworthy begins to design and manufacture it's own parts and devices for the sawmill industry.

1970's: In 1969, Barney Elworthy decides to take a step back from the helm of the company and sells to Bow Valley Industries. He stays on the board and eventually retires in 1972. In the following years, the company buys its first computer and puts a focus on Computer Aided Design (CAD) and develops several designs for industrial sawmills.

1980's-1990's: In 1982 Nestor (Nes) Romaniuk and Elliott McCallum purchase the wiring, service, installation, and maintenance divisions from Bow Valley and it continues to this day under the Elworthy banner. A new building was acquired, and in 1984 Elworthy moved to Sumas Road in Burnaby. Elworthy begins to get heavily involved with panel building, VFD's, and PLC Programming, with work that includes installation, service, troubleshooting, repair, and sales. Elliot decides to retire and Eric Lofstrom steps in as partner. In 1991 a new, purpose built facility was constructed on Douglas Road  in the Brentwood district of Burnaby and in May of that year, Elworthy occupies this new space.

2000's-Present: 2006 was a sad year for the Elworthy family with the passing of Nes. His sons, Robert and David, along with Eric Lofstrom and Igor Poldrugo, took the reins of the company and they continue to run Elworthy to this day. The Douglas road property was sold and in May of 2018, Elworthy moves to a more modern and improved location on Lake City Way in Burnaby.

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