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Elworthy's Data Division can help your business with any low voltage and data services you may require. We have years of experience installing and configuring emergency and evacuation systems.


Our experts are available to install various different types of networks (LAN, Ethernet, Fibre Optic, and Wireless) for building and properties. We also install and commission fully integrated security camera networks, evacuation alarm sirens and systems, fire protection systems, access control systems, remotely operated and controlled systems, and much more.

Our areas of expertise include:

•    Local Area Network (LAN) Setup
•    Ethernet Cabled Systems
•    Fibre Optic Cable Systems and Conversions
•    WIFI And Wireless Systems

•    POE (Power over Ethernet) Systems
•    HMI and Automation Systems
•    Remote I/O Control
•    Security and Protection Systems
•    Security Camera and CCTV Systems
•    Site Alarm and Evacuation Systems
•    Fire Alarm Panels, Monitoring and Detection, Pull Stations
•    Gas Monitoring and Detection Systems
•    Intercom, Paging, and Audio Systems
•    Server Room and Data Center design, build, install, swap outs, cut-overs and upgrades.
•    UPS and Generator backup installations.
•    Telecommunication Systems
•    Building Automation Systems
•    All low voltage wiring and terminations

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