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Environmentally conscious energy choices are becoming more readily available and affordable as technology advances. Elworthy is here to help you make a better choices for the world today, and future generations.

Electric vehicle charging stations are a popular topic right now. If you are looking for a single charging station for a vehicle, or if you want to install chargers for an entire building or property, Elworthy has extensive experience and will be able to tailor a solution that fits your individual needs. 


We can design, build, and install your complete system, including:

•    Solar Power Systems/Photovoltaic Arrays
•    Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
•    Geothermal Systems
•    Smart home and building solutions
•    Indoor climate control
•    Energy Efficient Lighting and Lighting Controls
•    Smart power distribution
•    L.E.E.D. Building Projects and Certifications

Provincial and Federal governments have implemented many incentives and rebates that your business may be eligible to apply for. Please follow the link below to see all of the current rebates available through BC Hydro.


Residential towers can qualify for an EV Ready Plan Rebate, and Elworthy Electrical Services Ltd. can help you prepare your plan. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss these options with you.

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